The Overcoming Negativity Addiction Program


An 8 Week Lesson Manual and Audio that walks you through the program for overcoming your negativity addiction. Includes 8 Weekly Written Lessons, articles, ideas, tips, vibe switches.


Why Aren’t You Truly Happy?

Don’t be fooled, everybody wants to be happy, but most people don’t know how to find real happiness. So many people feel deeply discontented with their lives. If you’re like most of us, you’re one of those people.

They feel a restlessness within their consciousness and they are never truly happy with what is actually going on around them or even inside of them.

So many intelligent and wise  people, just like you and me, think that maybe if they can just get this new car or that big wad of money or a brand new lover, or maybe a perfect body, then this elusive thing called “happiness” will overcome them like a tidal wave, leaving them
perpetually blissed out. Sound familiar? Don’t be worried. We’re in this boat together.

But even when they get the new shiny thing they’ve been wanting, (like you and me, both) soon that unhappiness and restlessness for more seeps into their consciousness. Once again, happiness has eluded them.

Why can’t they figure it out?

After years of study, I’ve concluded it’s because most people are looking for happiness in the wrong places. They are looking for happiness in things, people, events, and circumstances outside of themselves that, by their very changeable nature, cannot create a true and lasting sense of joy.

It’s like saying: “I’m going to the hardware store to buy bread.” You can see why so many people who have already figured it out, agree that lasting happiness just isn’t going to be found in these outer circumstances.

So how do you find genuine and lasting happiness?

The first thing to do is to start looking for it where it can actually be found.

We’ll talk about where that is in a minute, but first I want to discuss with you the nature of your unhappiness.

Sadly, it’s true that most people are deeply chemically addicted to thoughts and feelings that are negative and upsetting. The worried, angry, jealous, or lackful thoughts you’ve been thinking chronically for years have chemical counterparts that wreak havoc on your emotional life.

What’s even worse is these biochemicals have been chronically released into your bloodstream for years, and, believe it or not, your body is addicted to these stress chemicals and actually keeps demanding that you feed it more of this negativity so that it can get its “fix.”

You see, your body craves whatever it’s most used to. If it’s used to taking heroin, it will crave heroin, even if heroin will kill you. It’s the same thing with negative thinking.

If you’ve been a chronic worrier for fifteen years, you can bet that your body is going to crave the worry chemicals that squirt into your bloodstream whenever you go on a worry ‘bender.’

This chronic biochemical release into your system is the basic cause of unhappiness. It’s that simple.

And you know what? Your manifestations in the world suffer for it. If you are “addicted” to worry, then your vibration is of worry. If your vibration is of worry, then your manifestations are going to make you worry! You MUST change those chemicals before you’ll create the money or the health or the relationship you want!

But your body craves those chemicals of unhappiness because that’s what it’s used to getting.

This explains why someone can have all their dreams come true in the physical world and still remain deeply unhappy. Mainly because they haven’t learned to actually choose their emotional (biochemical) states.

Answer this:

What do Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley all have in common?

Well, yes, they were all unbelievably talented, rich, famous, beautiful and loved by billions… but, the biggest thing they all had in common was that none of them were able to manage their emotional states and, even though they had it “all” in the outer world, they were negativity addicts who weren’t able to control their biochemistry enough to feel inner happiness, no matter how well the outer world was showing up for them.

What not many people realize (hopefully you’re starting to see) about them is that they were chronically focusing in ways that created negative biochemicals in their systems. So much so, that they used actual pharmaceutical drugs to create different moods or to manage their emotional states for them.

In all three of these famous cases, it appears that it was their attempt to manage their emotional states using these pharmaceutical chemicals that killed them. (This isn’t medical advice for you, just a thorough examination of these people.)

So how can you find genuine and lasting happiness?

The answer is closer than you can imagine.

The state of chronic and lasting happiness and joy is created by learning to manage your emotional states by Overcoming your Negativity Addiction and re-addicting yourself to joyful, uplifting thoughts, thus creating a craving in your body for the joy chemicals; the habitual release of these joy chemicals into the bloodstream.

Once this “Joy Addiction” sets in, it becomes automatic. Because now the fact that “the body craves what it’s used to” begins to work in your favor. If you habitually practice focusing in ways that make you feel joyful, you’ll  program joy into the neural nets of your brain and Joy Chemicals will actually be triggered in a reflexive, automatic way.

So the way to find lasting happiness is to Overcome Your Negativity Addiction.

Thus, I have created the secret to lasting happiness in my new eight week Overcoming Negativity Addiction Program.

In addition to helping you find a lasting inner happiness independent of outer circumstances, the Overcoming Negativity Addiction Program (or “ONA” as students’ generally like to call it) gets your vibrational signal sending out consistently high frequencies, which multiplies exponentially your manifesting capabilities for the things you want.

This reprogramming of the thoughts and emotions actually resets your vibration, creating a consistently high vibrational out-signal to the Universe, which attracts back highly favorable conditions.

But by that point in time, the outer conditions aren’t as relevent to your overall happiness. You take them and you appreciate them, but you realize that your happiness caused those outer conditions to easily be attracted to you. It wasn’t the other way around, where getting those things caused happiness.

I have designed the course so that you learn to map the territory of your own consciousness and quickly break the the addiction to negative thinking/ feeling/ vibrating so that you become a more pure signal to attract good things to you; but more importantly, you are able to easily manage your emotional states and be happy from moment to moment, day in, day out, year in, year out.

This is my promise to you!

Also know, The Overcoming Negativity Addiction Program is NOT to be taken lightly. DO NOT start the program unless you are prepared for MASSIVE change in both yourself and your world.

My promise to you is this; If you follow my program exactly as I’ve outlined it and make this commitment to yourself, you WILL overcome negativity addiction. You will learn to radiate a constant vibration of joy and, from that consistent radiation, you will attract like circumstances to you.

Circumstances that match this higher vibrating you.

But, the most important aspect of this ONA Program is that you are given  the key to happiness, once and for all.

Are you ready to be happy? Chronically hooked on happiness? A happiness that doesn’t come because something “made” you happy, but a happiness that is the result of you breaking a lifelong addiction to negativity?

If so, please try my eight week Overcoming Negativity Addiction Program. Your life, your moods, your thoughts, your feelings will never be the same. You will know a lightness and a joy in your life that may not have had access to since you were a young child. Either way, it’s time to reclaim your birthright to laugh, dance, play, and be happy simply because you choose to be.

But first we must break this addiction. It can be considered an intense eight week course, but you will have so much support from the negativity addicts before you who have come through to the other side.

Get Yours By Clicking Here!

Overcoming my own negativity addiction is the single greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself. Join me by taking this Overcoming Negativity Addiction Program, and you will quickly see that it’s the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

Love and Magic,


Here’s what the 12-Disc course


  • 8 Weeks of Audio Sessions With Denise and her ONA students on HOW to overcome the Negativity
  • An 8 Week Lesson Manual and Audio that walks you through the program for overcoming your
    negativity addiction. Includes 8 Weekly Written Lessons, articles, ideas, tips, “vibeswitches.” This manual will guide you on what you can expect from week to week as you transition out of negativity addiction and re-pattern your mind into the habits of joyful thinking.
  • Bonus audio with Tips from Denise on how to switch your thoughts quickly for those very important first two weeks of the program.
  • A Vibe Switch Meditation where Denise leads you through several different “vibeswitching” meditations  to be used the second you notice
    you are slipping into the negativity addiction.
  • A Daily Journal For Recording Your Journey and progress
  • A support forum where all of the Overcoming Negativity Addiction Students share their stories
    and offer one another support, ideas, and suggestions.



  • An Audio Session with Denise on how to maintain your recovery once you have completed the 8 week course.
  • An Audio session with Denise on the best diet and exercise program to use in conjunction with Overcoming Your Negativity Addiction.
  • An audio session with Denise on How To Identify Your Unique Negativity Addiction Thought Triggers and how to use those triggers to identify underlying belief
    systems. Denise will show you how to reprogram your mind to literally dissolve those limiting beliefs within these eight
  • A list of uplifting songs, games, quotes,  videos, and ideas compiled by the original ONA students to help you switch your vibration quickly, (especially in those all-important first two weeks).
  • An audio session with Denise on Grieving the old negative self and how to gently accept the new, more positive Self you have
*The Physical CD version of the program is no longer available. It is offered as a download only.*


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