The Soulmate Summoner


Maybe you’ve been practicing the The Law of Attraction for years, but there’s something that just doesn’t seem to be finding its way to you.




 “This 30 Day Program Is The Single Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Attract Your Soulmate.”

The Soulmate Summoner

(30 Days To Become A Magnet to True Love!)


Dear Friend,

Maybe you’ve been practicing the The Law of Attraction for years, but there’s something that just doesn’t seem to be finding its way to you.


You’ve done all the Law of Attraction processes, gone to all the seminars, read all the books. But  Mr. or Mrs. Right hasn’t knocked down your door yet.

What if I told you that the reason that you haven’t manifested a fulfilling love life yet is because you want it too much?

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they’re ready to stop wanting the to find true love…

… and to just have

their Soulmate find them!

“Denise had said I’d get married to my Soulmate by a river one day. Emilio and I were just married…By a river.” -Fern. (WA)

Several years ago I noticed something quite interesting about my own love life.  I saw a very clear cut pattern.

During the times when I desperately felt like I needed a man, the more lonely I became. But at those times when I was more relaxed about my love life, not needing a relationship to fulfill me, finding love within myself, the more it seemed men were coming out of the woodwork wanting to date me!

I found this very interesting because how much action I took to find men didn’t even factor into the equation. Some of the times when I was most actively seeking a relationship, I had the worst luck in finding anyone who made me happy!

This is because I felt so much lack of love within myself.

I worked hard trying to be the “perfect catch”, which wasn’t a very self loving signal to be sending out to the Universe.

From that I attracted some not so pleasant relationships with incredibly self absorbed guys (because I was vibrating at not loving myself enough!). I attracted some really unpleasant dates and romances with people who left me feeling pretty depressed.

Later on, after discovering the tools I will teach you in this Soulmate Summoner program, I noticed the more relaxed I became around the subject of finding true love, the more naturally love flowed into my life!

This is how I met my soulmate, Andrew, who I’ve happily been with for seven years now (married for four)!

In fact, I even learned that forcing myself to love me first, WITHOUT a man was paradoxically the single most powerful thing I did to finally attract my Soulmate into my life.

After discovering the Law of Attraction several years ago, I devised a method to turn my love life around. I had just gotten out of a lonely eight year relationship.

Have you ever had one of those? Together, but feeling totally alone?

“Before working with Denise’s coaching, I was the loneliest I’ve ever been. My husband left me for a (much) younger woman and I felt hopeless. After working with Denise’s Soulmate principles, I met Gary. The sweetest, most caring man I’ve ever known. I feel like my life is just beginning.” -Paula (Boston, MA)

Yep. That was me. But everything changed once I devised my love-attracting program.

This method was what I called “The 30 Day Love Experiment”where I gave myself very specific games and exercises to get my vibration attuned to HAVING the man of my dreams instead of NEEDING a man.

I devised amazingly effective games and tools that I diligently practiced on myself for these 30 days. Using these tools, within THREE WEEKS, I met Andrew and never looked back.

I knew the NIGHT we met that he was my Soulmate. I even asked him to marry me that night! He said, “Yes!” (We waited three years after that to get married, but we both “knew”.)

I went from having the worst luck with men all of my adult life to finding the one man who fit all my criteria for a great relationship and then some! IN THREE WEEKS. And he liked me as much as I liked him!

“I think it’s so funny that when I stopped looking and did Denise’s processes, love found me. It was the easiest thing in the world. Thank you a million times Denise.” -Cindy F. (Cleveland, OH)

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of my love life transformation is that this true love I attracted didn’t come from me putting on airs or trying really hard to “land the guy”. I was just being myself! Totally and completely me! That was a relieving feeling after so many years of trying to win love from unavailable guys!

I had discovered the secret to meeting my Soulmate and, come to find out, it was easier to do than I thought. There were just some basic principles that I had to apply (that I teach in this 30 day program). Once I learned them, my romantic life started to feel like magic.

I learned that being with your Soulmate is actually easier than being alone when you know what to do with your vibration!

I had so much success with this Love Attracting program that I decided to teach it to others. I began coaching others to find their true love in my spare time.

Soon, I had more clients than I could keep up with. I was getting paid over $300 an hour just to share my secrets! These clients had so much success in meeting their true love, they were clamoring for me to write a book based on these techniques and games I was teaching them.

So how do you learn to attract true love once and for all into your life?

“I manifested  Rodney, my perfect Mr. Right using Denise’s program. I was afraid I wasn’t going to meet the one for me in time to have a baby. Not only did I meet the one for me, I am now three months pregnant! ”

-A. (Denver, CO)

You simply learn to stop waiting for someone outside of you to make you feel loved. Instead, you start having true love emotionally! You’ll learn that once you get familiar with the feelings of having someone you love adore you, you’ll no longer have a desperate urge for your Soulmate to manifest in the outer world.

I was already enjoying the body chemistry changes and emotions from imagining I was madly in love!!

Thus, I was no longer pushing love away with my desperation! I was able to feel adored by my Soulmate when I was still alone.

The intense focus of this thirty day program helped me to stay in the happily ever  after feelings even when my current love life was pretty dismal!

Funny thing is, when the true love actually manifested…

…It felt pretty normal to me. Like no big deal because I had practiced feeling romanced by Mr. Right FOR THIRTY DAYS STRAIGHT!!!

So then I asked myself, “How can I take what I’ve learned in my own life and in the lives of my clients and reach a wider audience, thus helping more people to manifest the loves of their lives?

The answer?

I decided I am just going to share with everyone exactly what I did for those 30 days to manifest Andrew into my life!

No secrets. It’s all laid out in a step by step plan!

Can becoming lucky in love be as easy as following my step by step plan?

You bet!

 Here’s Andrew and I in our horse-drawn carriage at our wedding at Disneyland! Yes, we got married at Disneyland! Our flower girl was dressed like Tinkerbell! Our ring bearer was dressed as Captain Hook. So I literally had a fairy tale wedding!

Are you ready for my step-by-step approach?

I’m here to share it ALL with you. I’m here to tell you exactly what to do to attract your one true love who has seemed to elude you all these years. I’ll explain to you WHY your Soulmate hasn’t shown up yet and EXACTLY what to do to attract him or her into your life easily. In the most concise way imaginable. I’ll tell you everything I know —

and I’m doing it for a fraction of the cost I should be!

“I attracted my gal, Peggy, by working with Denise. She showed me how to be in love with myself first. That translated into the outer world mirroring it back to me in Peg. Thanks, Denise” -Tim. (Stockton, CA)

You’re not going to believe what all is included in my Soumate Summoner Program.

Here’s what the 30 Day Program includes —

1) 30 Day Program Checklist: A step by step guide that will tell you exactly what to do each day for thirty days to attract in your Soulmate.

2) The True Love Attractor. An MP3 visualization that will get you vibrating at the frequency of already having true love, thus effortlessly attracting your Soulmate into your life.

3) Loving Yourself Is The Key. In this article, we discuss how crucial it is to eliminate wanting and needing love from the outside in, and instead radiating love out into the world.

4) Total Self Confidence Turbo Tap. This is an energy clearing audio session where we clear your body of limiting self worth beliefs so that you let love flow to you with a clear self loving signal.

5) The Self Love Game. This audio session will teach you to appreciate yourself and how lovable you already are. When you learn to focus on all the ways you currently feel lovable, you attract more love into your life.

6) The Blueprint for Your Ideal Mate/Meeting Your Inner Lover. This is the game you will play every day for thirty days that will get you vibrationally living with your ideal romantic partner now!


But that’s not all.

Also included are these 5 valuable bonuses, absolutely free:

Bonus #1: The I Love You Game: This audio session will help you to powerfully set your frequency to higher and higher vibrations of love. You will literally start to glow as you listen to this! You will be outsignalling at L.O.V.E.!

Bonus #2: The Happy Couple Magnetizer: This is the audio to listen to in order to imagine your romance as happy and fulfilled! (This is also a great one for after you’ve manifested true love to keep the fire alive!)

Bonus #3: The Vibrational Recipe Of Lovers. In this article, we discuss the exact emotions you’ll emit to become an irresistible beacon to romance.

Bonus#4: Dating Yourself Now: In this article, you will learn how to immerse yourself in the feelings of true love by taking yourself on dates!

Bonus #5: Match The Frequency Game: In this audio session, you will literally get yourself vibrating at the same frequencies as those who have found true love.

So, here we are, ready for the next paradigm of working with the Law of Attraction.


 Remember, most teachers like to teach theory. I will walk you through the actual steps you need to take, day in, day out, for thirty days, to become a magnet to true love.

You will only attract true love in your outer world when you feel your Inner Lover first.

If you follow the program, it will work. It has to. It’s law! Though I can’t do the work for you, I can provide all the tools you need to attract your ideal partner to you as if by magic. That I can promise.

From the information and strategy in this 30 Day Soulmate Summoner program, you will have everything you need to make Mr. or Mrs. Right basically fall right into your lap.

But before you order, let me explain how this 30 Day Soulmate Attracting Program is different from anything on the market right now:

1. This is not a theoretical approach to attracting love. You will have daily assignments and games to play to adjust yourself to your Soulmate and summon them easily. Whenever any theory is offered, it is IMMEDIATELY followed up by processes, games, or exercises to do to make it experiential rather than theoretical.

2. You will get a step-by-step plan of action for thirty days in a row. This will train your vibration to anchor the feelings of having your Soulmate already.  You’ll anchor this into your nervous system and emotional frequency, thus irresistibly drawing him or her into your life.

3. This method has been proven to be 100% effective for everyone who actually applies it diligently. How do I know it works? Because it worked for me and every single client I had who DILIGENTLY applied the principles. It’s basically been honed down to a science.

4. You will be able to practice this program for the rest of your life, whenever you love life needs a boost, you’ll have the audio files,  articles, and games to get you right back track romantically!

Do you see the difference between this and reading yet another theoretical book on The Law of Attraction?


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