The Vibrational Millionaire


Dear Friend,

Maybe you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for years, but there’s one thing that just doesn’t seem to be manifesting.


You’ve done all the Law of Attraction processes, gone to all the seminars, read all the books. But the big money you’ve been wanting is just not here yet.

What if I told you that the reason that you haven’t manifested great wealth yet is because you want it too much?

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they’re ready to stop wanting the to get rich…

… and to just BE rich already!


“This Is The Most Powerful Program In The World For Attracting Wealth.”

How To Be A Vibrational Millionaire.
(30 Days To Become A Magnet to Millions!)

Dear Friend,

Maybe you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for years, but there’s one thing that just doesn’t seem to be manifesting.


You’ve done all the Law of Attraction processes, gone to all the seminars, read all the books. But the big money you’ve been wanting is just not here yet.

What if I told you that the reason that you haven’t manifested great wealth yet is because you want it too much?

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they’re ready to stop wanting the to get rich…

… and to just BE rich already!

“I finally sold my project for six figures as a result of working with Denise. This was a project I had been trying to sell for five years! Denise gives you the Midas Touch” -Renee, Arizona

Several years ago I noticed something quite interesting about my own financial life.  I saw a very clear cut pattern.

During the times when I desperately needed money, the more destitute I seemed to become. But at those times when I was more relaxed about finances, the more easily money flowed to me.

I found this very interesting because hard work didn’t even factor into the equation. Some of the hardest working years of my life, I made the least amount of money.

This is because I felt so much lack.

“Before working with Denise’s coaching, I was out of a job and pretty desperate for money. After three short weeks, I got a job offer in my favorite city and the pay is incredible. Just trust me. What she teaches works when you practice.” -Ray Anne (Seattle)

I worked hard for very little money, which stressed me out, thus attracting even more bills and less dollars into my life! Later on, after discovering the Tools I will teach you in this program, I noticed the more relaxed I became around the subject of money, the more money naturally flowed into my life!

In fact, I even learned that forcing myself to let go and have fun was often the greatest way to get money flowing into my life once again!

After discovering the Law of Attraction several years ago, I devised a method to turn my financial woes around. (And BOY did I have financial woes! I was in debt, borrowing money from family and friends, and jobless.) But everything changed once I devised my wealth-attracting program.

This method was what I called “The 30 Day Wealth Experiment” where I gave myself very specific games and exercises to get my vibration attuned to HAVING wealth instead of NEEDING wealth.

I devised amazingly effective games and tools that I diligently practiced on myself for these 30 days. Using these tools, my finances literally turned around almost overnight. I went from making $0 a month to $10,000 a month within the first month of my program! That’s the God’s honest truth.

“I attracted sales for my business skyrocketing after Denise’s 30 day Program. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like magic happening right before my eyes.” -Peg M. (Sacramento, CA)

In the first ninety days, my income went up to around $15,000 a month. It continued to grow exponentially from there!

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this financial transformation is that this money I earned didn’t come from going to a job! I made all of this money working from home, doing something I loved, on my own time. I created my own schedule. The less I worked, the more money I seemed to make!

I had discovered a secret to making money that felt like magic. I learned that being wealthy is actually easier than being poor when you know what to do with your vibration!

I had so much success with this wealth building program that I decided to teach it to others. I began coaching others to wealth in my spare time. Soon, I had more clients than I could keep up with. I was getting paid over $300 an hour just to share my secrets!

These clients had so much success, they were clamoring for me to write a book based on these techniques and games I was teaching them. At this point, I couldn’t STOP attracting big chunks of money into my life!

So I  wrote a book all about these techniques that worked so well for me. Using the same tools I teach in the vibrational millionaire program, I manifested a book deal with the same publisher as The Secret (Atria Books/Simon & Schuster) without even having an agent! (I also manifested one of the top self-help book agents AFTER I manifested the publisher!)

So how did I do this?

“I manifested a new career, making THREE times the my previous income after following Denise’s 30 Day Wealth Building Program! The best part? The new career is part time!” -J. (Boston, MA)

I simply learned how to stop wanting money and start having it emotionally! I learned that once I got familiar with the feelings of having great amounts of wealth, I no longer had a desperate urge for money to manifest in the outer world.

I was already enjoying the body chemistry changes and emotions from imagining I was already wealthy! Thus, I was no longer pushing it away with my desperation! I was able to feel wealthy when my finances were still in shambles.

The intense focus of this thirty day program helped me to stay in the wealthy feelings even when my current financial conditions were dismal.

Funny thing is, when the big money actually manifested…

…It felt pretty normal to me. Like no big deal because I had practiced feeling wealthy FOR THIRTY DAYS STRAIGHT!!!

So then I asked myself, “How can I take what I’ve learned in my own life and in the lives of my clients and reach a wider audience, thus helping more people to manifest wealth?

The answer?

I decided I am just going to share with everyone exactly what I did for those 30 days to manifest all this money!

No secrets. It’s all laid out in a step by step plan!

Can becoming wealthy be as easy as following my step by step plan?

You bet!

Are you ready for my step-by-step approach?

I’m here to share it ALL with you. I’m here to tell you exactly what to do to attract the big money that has seemed to elude you all these years. I’ll explain to you WHY the money has been scarce and EXACTLY what to do to turn your financial situation around. In the most concise way imaginable. I’ll tell you everything I know — and I’m doing it for a fraction of the cost I should be!

“I finally pushed over the million dollar mark as a result of having Denise as my coach. Working with her was hands down the best investment I’ve ever made.” -P. Reynolds. (Spokane, WA)

You’re not going to believe what all is included in my Vibrational Millionaire Program.

Here’s what the 30 Day Program includes —

1) 30 Day Program Checklist: A step by step guide that will tell you exactly what to do each day for thirty days to attract in great wealth.

2) The Money and Wealth Magnetizer. An MP3 visualization that will get you vibrating at the frequency of already having great wealth, thus effortlessly attracting money into your life.

3) How to Stop Wanting Money. In this article, we discuss how crucial it is to eliminate wanting and needing from our financial vibration in order to attract wealth!

4) The Turbo Wealth Turbo Tap. This is an energy clearing audio session where we clear your body of limiting money beliefs so that you let money flow to you with a clear wealthy signal.

5) The Already Wealthy Game. This audio session will teach you to appreciate the wealth that is already in your life. When you learn to focus on all the ways you currently feel wealthy, you attract more wealth into your life.

6) The Multimillionaire Spending Game. This is the game you will play every day for thirty days that will get you vibrationally spending like a wealthy person, thus raising your wealth frequency!

7) OVER TEN HOURS Of LIVE CONFERENCES. You’ll get OVER 10 HOURS of Denise leading real people, just like you, through all the steps of being a vibrational millionaire!

But that’s not all. Also included are these 5 valuable bonuses, absolutely free:

Bonus #1: The Money Is No Object Vibrational Game: This audio session will help you to flow your energy to bigger and bigger purchases, thus training your frequency how to vibrate at great wealth.

Bonus #2: The Paid In Full Magnetizer: This is the audio to listen to in order to help you eliminate debt from your life forever!

Bonus #3: The Vibrational Recipe Of Millionaires. In this article, we discuss the exact emotions you’ll emit to become an irresistible beacon to wealth.

Bonus #4: Wealthy Actions. How to immerse yourself in the feelings of wealthy by taking the actions of wealthy people!

Bonus #5: How To Match The Frequency Of Wealthy People. In this article, we teach you how to feel wealthy by emitting the same wealth signal as current millionaires. You will effortlessly draw wealth into your life the more often you do this.

So, here we are, ready for the next paradigm of working with the Law of Attraction.


Remember, most teachers like to teach theory. I will walk you through the actual steps you need to take, day in, day out, for thirty days, to become financially wealthy.

You will only attract wealth in your outer world when you feel wealthy inside first.

If you follow the program, it will work. It has to. It’s law! Though I can’t do the work for you, I can provide the tools you need to build whatever financial wealth you can imagine! That I can promise.

From the information and strategy in this 30 Day Vibrational Millionaire program, you will have everything you need to make wealth basically fall right into your lap.

But before you order, let me explain how this 30 Day Wealth Building Program is different from anything on the market right now:

1. This is not a theoretical approach to attracting wealth. You will have daily assignments and games to play to adjust your money frequency forever. Whenever any theory is offered, it is IMMEDIATELY followed up by processes, games, or exercises to do to make it experiential rather than theoretical.

2. You will get a step-by-step plan of action for thirty days in a row. This will train your vibration to anchor the feelings of having millions of dollars already into your nervous system and emotional frequency, thus irresistibly drawing wealth into your life, even long after the 30 days is over.

3. This method has been proven to be 100% effective for everyone who actually applies it diligently. How do I know it works? Because it worked for me and every single client I had who DILIGENTLY applied the principles. It’s basically been honed down to a science

4. You will be able to practice this program for the rest of your life, whenever you need a money boost, you’ll have the audio files, articles, and games to get you right back track financially!

Do you see the difference between this and reading yet another theoretical book on The Law of Attraction?

Even though all the items in the Vibrational Millionaire Program sold separately would cost you $500, I want you to manifest great wealth no matter what your current financial situation looks like.

So, no, you won’t have to pay $1000!

Or even $ 500!

or even $250!

No. I’m offering this wealth magnetizing system for only $149!

Yes, only $149. It’s a steal. With all the bonuses included for free!  Why am I basically giving all this information away?

Simple. I believe in the law of paying it forward. All those years ago, I was given the gift of learning how to manifest money. So, now, I think of it as my duty to help others to learn to manifest money as well. If I made this program impossible to afford, then I’m not truly helping the people who most need financial abundance in their lives!

Yes, you also get the free bonuses when you order the Vibrational Millionaire program that will give you even more power to manifest large sums of money into your life

The cost for this entire 30 Day program is only $1000 $149 dollars!

Are you ready to figure out how to be rich once and for all?

If so, congratulations!


Denise Coates
The World’s “Feel Good Coach”

“Feel It Real! offers playful and practical exercises for fostering health, wellness, happiness, relationships, and prosperity. A thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring collection of ideas and techniques.” –Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, author of The Energy Healing Experiments and Director, Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, the University of Arizona


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